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Sakonin Towing is here to make sure we can assist you in anyway that we can when you are in a bind and require assitance with getting your vehicle from one location to another. We operate under the standard of providing exception customer service and experience.
Lost keys?

At Sakonin towing we offer services to assist you in all situations. One of which is help you getting you to a safer location while you resolve the issue with your vehicle keys and get you back on the road.

We tow all kind of vehicles.

Today we did a tow for a custom Porsche that had flat tire. Unable to change the tires on the road, therefore we assist the owner to tow it to a shop that he trust to get the work done.

wet roadway and tips

nobody likes to drive in the rain. but it seems to be an unavoidable scenario we all have to face everyday and then. when you do find yourself driving during a rain shower, it is important to adjust some of your driving methods to accommodate for the wet condition. driving in the can be very dangerous if not done properly, so it is vital to remember a few procedures to practice when you're traveling down a slick road.

slow down and keep safe distance

these two go hand in hand. the wet roadways can cause your vehicle to hydroplane if your are traveling too fast. maintaining speed under 35 mph typically reduces yours chance of swerving on the wet roadway

what you need to know about roadside assistance

roadside assistance is offered through many companies and is meant to assist drivers when they unable to make it safely to their destination due to a breakdown. at Sakonin Towing and Roadside Assistance we are available and never need to worry about getting stuck away from home.

Auto Shop Advise: Sign You Need New Breaks

car are great! they help us get to work visit friends and family. and many other things. keeping up with your vehicle maintenance by taking it in to a repair shop will ensure that your car will be useful for year to come. one of the many elements to your vehicle that will need to be replaced over time are the breaks.

Motorcycle Towing: How to Stay Safe on the Road

if you want to avoid calling a motorcycle tow company. you need to take care on the roads. motorcycle are much smaller than other vehicle. and while they're quick to steer. trucks and cars are not. for a look at how to stay safe on our bike. check out these 4 simple guidelines. 1 Wear the Right Outfit for the Trip. 2 . Drive Defensively 3. Check the Weather Before Ridding 4. Practice...TRUST SAKONIN TOWING FOR YOUR MOTORCYCLE TOWING.

Sulate to Veteran

for protection our freedom

Why Choose Sakonin Towing Service?

While we generally do not want to think about it-many of us don't know who exactly we'd call if we needed towing services. Luckily many of us have smart phone we can whip out to googles to nearest towing company. However if you ever stuck without your phone and in need of a tow-knowing the name of a Trusted Company suck as Sakonin Towing Tukwila only 5 star service can make all the difference.

Common Signs of a Car Towing Scam

This might sound like the plot of a movie, but car towing con artists, also known as "tow bandits" or tow truck. have been known to off help you'll hadn't taken. These scammer or Company will prey on your good nature. offer to fix your vehicle, and then overcharge after you're signed the paperwork with your agreement to pay their hefty fees. here at OUR COMPANY we want our client and customer to be covered in any situation, which is why we're going to tell you just how to spot the good guys from the bad ones. and what to do when you see a scam. 1 Outrageous Car Towing Prices 2. A Bad Google Review Online 3 Pushy Attitudes

Little-Known Cause-Flat Tire Repair

Monitoring These Items Can Prevent Flat tire Repair. Getting a flat tire seems to be everyone's least favorite inconvenience to deal with as they typically come unexpectedly and can sometimes leave you helpless on the road. Sharp object penetrating the surface of your tire are among the common reasons for why you would need flat tire repair. However sometimes your tires progressively lose air without you even knowing it. How can this happen? we compiled a list of little-known ways in which your tires can deflate. Leakage/Hot Temperatures/Lack of Rotation

Tips: Get Your Car Road Trip Ready For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend coming up! Road trip can be fun for you, but they can be a little rough on your car. Before you take a road trip you should make sure your car is prepared for the journey. Don't be caught unaware with the breakdown during your road trip. Check Your Oil/Check Your Fluids/Check Your Tires and Tire Rotation/Battery

How To Choose a Window Tint

Drivers choose window tint for different reasons. personal style. to escape the heat or the privacy. Whatever your reason for tinting. it's good to have an idea about the type of window. so how do you choose your tint style. and where to get it done? here are a few tips for your choosing your tint. Obeying the Window Tint Laws/ To Spend or Not to Spend/ Types of Tint

Tips for when the Roads Get Wet

1. Turn on Those Headlight 2. Slow Down and Keep a Safe Distance 3. Be Proactive in Checking Your Parts

Transmission Failure Causes

What is Transmission? The transmission in your car delivers power from your engine to your wheels allowing you to get from point A to point B. By understand what can cause damage to your transmission and recognizing warning signs early you can avoid a serious accident and save money on additional auto shop visit later. Take a look at some of the most common cause of transmission failure. LEAKING FLUID, INCORRECT FLUID LEVELS, CLOGGED FILTER,

What Happen When Your Avoid Your Regular Oil Change

The Important of changing your oil on a regular basic. Today is the day you are scheduled to get an oil changes. You already know the drill you bring your vehicle, you leave it with your mechanic for a couple of hours and get it back with a sticker slapped on your windshield , reminding you when to come back again for the next oil change. Motor Oil Functions. What happens when you rub your hands together in a quick motion? They begin to get very warm due to friction. If you rub your hand together for too0 long you'll get a very tried and you may even acquire some blister or burn. What Happen When You Don't Change your oil? engine wear 2 sludge 3 seized pistons 4 Total Engine Failure

Season's Greeting from Our to Your

1 Merry Christmas! 2 Tidings of Joy. 3 Wishing you the gifts of the season- Peace , 4 Joy 5 Wintry wishes.. 6 Thank you for your business.

Top Reasons for Car Breakdowns

Your car will break down . we're not trying to be overly negative, but it's just one of those things that happens to everyone. You can keep your car serviced, treat it well, and may still decide to act like a fickle teenager. Here are the top reason for breakdowns. KEY ARE LOCKED INSIDE...OVERHEATING.....TIRE TROUBLE....DEAD BATTERY....STARTER MOTOR....No one to break down and request a car towing services. but in any case, We're certified and ready to do business..

What to do when you get into a Wreck

We can all agree that care accidents are very frightening . when they happen sometimes the shock of it all makes us unsure about what to do in the moment. we can guide you on what to do when or if you go get into a wreck. SAFTY FIRST. CALL FOR ASSISTANCE . DOCUMENTATION. WITNESSES. INSURANCE INFORMATION. While you are waiting for the police and roadside assistance, retrieve contact info and insurance info from anyone else involved in the accident. try to remain calm while obtaining info. make sure you contact your insurance company to file a claim after you are home safe from the accident

Affordable Towing isnt the same as Cheap Towing

What we mean by affordable towing when you hear affordable towing the first word that may come to mind is CHEAP or low quality . this isn't the case. we want to be an affordable option for your customers, but that doesn't mean we sacrifice quality and customers service to do it.

Winter weather car kits

winter weather is tough on your vehicle. heavy ice and snow are extremely dangerous conditions to drive in. if you get stuck in a snow drift during a blizzard , it may take a while for a roadside assistance to arrive. Winter Weather Emergency Car kits Supplies. Blanket, Food and Water, Small Battery Operated Electronics. Emergency Signal Supplies

Even as one of the smallest towing company

We put customers satisfaction above all else. We are known for excellent customer service that is fast, friendly and reliable and we go above and beyond to ensure customer is happy and well taken care of. We understand that your time is valuable so we offer unmatched arrival time.

Dont Trust just anybody who pull over to help you when you are stuck

1. Ask the Dispatcher for Driver I.D. and other details 2. Verify the tow truck driver's Identity 3. Call the towing company for Clarification 4. Don't give out too much personal information 5. Don't put your car on the tow truck until you see the bill

Washington is the 3rd worst state to drive in

Washington State is the third worst state to drive in.... so how do we fix that? Simple: add more bike lanes and install tolls on all the roads!

NHL to seattle

2021/2022 can excited for the city

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Supension

1 Drifting During Turns. 2 Car Rides Roughly 3 Your Car Nose Dives when Stopping 4 Uneven Tire Treads 5 Try the " Bounce Test"

5 Things You Should Do While Waiting for a Tow Truck to Arrive

1. Make Sure Your Vehicle is Parked in a Safe Spot 2. Call the Us 3. Remove Your Valuables 4. Stay Calm and Do Not Dehydrate 5. Consider Staying Inside Your Car


The main reason needing assistance for electric car is the batteries run out. Some rest areas and gas station are starting too include car charging stations. But these are still few and far between. Unfortunately, this results in many electric car drivers breaking down.

4 way to save money on your towing bill

1. Before paying check with your credit card company 2. Check with your insurance company 3. Do your research call around for best price 4. Get in an Automobile Association

Car Won't Start? here are the 5 most common reason and the things you should check first

1. Dead battery 2. Ignition Switch 3. Starter 4. No fuel 5. Fuel Filter. We as a company strongly promote and encourages safe driving. We also know that sometimes thing go wrong and you may need roadside assistance in the future.

Motorcycle Towing: How to Stay safe on the Road

wear the right outfit for the trip, drive defensively, check the weather before ridding, practice,

summer is here

check fluid and tire pressure

A Day In The Life Of A Towing Technician

what it take to be the best towing technicians have a lot of responsibility on their schedule don't work the normal 9 to 5 business as most people do. Roadside technician work around the clock 7 day a weeks and 365 day a year

Dispute at North Las Vegas tow yard escalated into fight, shooting

A bullet fired through the back window of a pickup truck struck a 28-year-old man in the head as his father drove away from a North Las Vegas tow yard last week, according to an arrest report for the tow truck driver accused of firing the shot.


Among many modern techniques that towing companies use these days, a winch is one of them. A winch is a machine that generally uses to pull, lift or maneuver a car or truck that is unable to move. The winch is usually fixed to the front side of the towing vehicle or at the back to level ground